7 January—1 March 2019

Chinese New Year in your school

Celebrate Chinese New Year in your school with our new outreach learning packages.

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival in China, is China’s most important traditional festival. Chinese New Year 2019 begins on 5 February and will mark the Year of the Pig.

Let us join you to celebrate this important event as we prepare to take Chinese New Year out of the museum, onto the school-run and directly into your classrooms!Chinese New Year in school

Ever wondered why fish are important to Chinese culture or how a Fu door sign brings good luck? Do you know what your zodiac animal is? With our class workshops and school assembly experiences, you’ll learn about special Chinese food and good luck traditions, handle and investigate celebration artefacts, hear Chinese folk tales. Even learn and write mandarin celebration words.

Class workshop features

Pupils will:
• Hear and participate in the story of Chinese New Year zodiac race
• Learn how to say ‘pig’ in mandarin – 2019 is the year of the pig!
• Take part in three carousel activities; a mystery object game, food celebrations and make a red envelope for New Year’s Eve
• Celebrate with a mini lion dance

Suitable for: reception, Year 1 – 6
Duration: 1 hour
Group size: up to 35 pupils per class

School assembly features

Pupils will:
• Discover how and why we celebrate Chinese New Year at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
• Learn how to say ‘pig in mandarin – 2019 is the year of the pig!
• Meet our cuddly panda mascot – Ying
• Hear and participate in Chinese stories
• Learn the numbers 1-10 in mandarin using body prompts

Suitable for: reception, Year 1 – 6
Duration: 30 minutes
Group size: whole school

Package costs

Workshop for 1 class – £160. Add a 30 min assembly for your whole school for only £40
Workshops for 2 classes – £280. Add a 30min assembly for your whole school for only £40
Workshops for 3 classes – £400. FREE whole school assembly.
School assembly only – £90

“The Children and I completely enjoyed it and it helped to secure what they’d found out already but taught them new things too.”

Castle Batch School

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Available at M Shed and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery only. Complimentary use when booking a workshop. Charged at £1 per child for independent visits.

Additional information

To get the most out of the classroom sessions, we advise that two adults are present to assist with Chinese New Year activities.

Available for schools within approximately 15 miles of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

If your school is outside of the Bristol region, additional travel costs may apply. Contact us for more information