3 September 2019—17 July 2020

Anglo Saxons in your classroom

Who were the Anglo Saxons and where did they come from? Bristol Museums will visit your school and bring the Anglo Saxon roots of Bristol alive in this interactive learning session.

Did you know?  Bristol has grown from a market town settlement, known as Brycg stowe (Brigstowe) – a Saxon term meaning ‘place by the bridge.’

Discover Britain’s Anglo Saxon past and learn about invasions, settlements, village life and kingdoms, with a local history study of Bristol.

The children will:

  • Discover who the Anglo Saxons were and where they came from
  • Examine how different sources of evidence helps us construct the past
  • Find out about Anglo Saxon Bristol
  • Handle artefacts linked with Anglo Saxon people
  • Solve puzzles to discover kingdoms of Anglo Saxon England
  • Learn Anglo Saxon words
  • Listen to a thrilling tale of warrior battles with mythical beasts

Suitable for: Year 3-6
Duration: 1 hour
Group size: Up to 35 pupils per class

This in-school workshop presents an exciting opportunity for both teachers and pupils. We’ve packaged the sessions for your convenience, so that you save money when you book more than one class.

Package costs
Workshop for 1 class – £160
Workshops for 2 classes – £280
Workshops for 3 classes – £400

Currently only available for schools within Bristol.

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Available at M Shed and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery only. Complimentary use when booking a workshop. Charged at £1 per child for independent visits.

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