8 March 2018

Senseless outrages against property: the Bristol suffragettes

Join Lucienne Boyce, the author of ‘The Bristol Suffragettes’, on International Women’s Day, 100 years after some women were granted the right to vote.

In November 1909, four women in Bristol were sent to Horfield Prison after they broke windows in the centre of Bristol as part of a series of militant suffragette protests against the government.

Another woman assaulted Winston Churchill, at that time a Liberal MP, at Temple Meads Railway Station and was sentenced to a month in Horfield where she went on hunger strike.

Who were these women, and why did they behave as they did? Were their targets selected at random, or is there more behind these militant attacks? And why was Bristol a focus of suffragette militancy?

In this talk, Lucienne will use records from Bristol Archives to tell the story of these Bristol suffragettes and consider the way national and local politics influenced the course of the militant suffrage campaign in the city.

Speaker: Lucienne Boyce is the author of ‘The Bristol Suffragettes