24 May—27 September 2019

Investigate habitats

Study and investigate different habitats within Blaise estate as your class explore how animals and plants can be classified and how animals adapt to their environment.

Hunt for and identify creatures under logs, in trees and other plants and in the pond.  Develop scientific skills in classification through using keys and creating questions for classifying creatures according to common observable characteristics. Explore adaptation through direct observation of the creatures found.

The children will:

  • Meet a natural history expert
  • Visit different habitats including pond, woodland and grassland to investigate animals and plants
  • Predict what they will find in each habitat
  • Discuss how scientists classify animals and plants and have a go at classifying woodland invertebrates
  • Identify tree species using their leaves and note similarities and differences
  • Use classification keys

Suitable for: Year 4 – 6
Duration: 3 hours (includes 30 mins lunch break)
Group size: 1 class per day

Session availability: We have one session available 11am-2pm.

Picnic: Planning on having a picnic as part of your visit? Free use of our lunch room is included in the cost of your session.

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